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Valente Brothers teaching the US Army

Once again Valente Brothers had the honor and privilege to be selected by the United States Military to teach combat skills to service men and women of the US Army. 

According to the US Army’s own words:

“Our Soldiers enhanced their technical abilities, and gained confidence while receiving words of wisdom. We would like to send a special thanks to the Valente Brothers for taking the time to train, develop and motivate our soldiers. And we will be honored to have them again.” 

The Army also added that:

“We have the responsibility to plan and resource the best training for our Soldiers who deploy in defense of our Nation. Whether it’s complex rocket intercepts, or JiuJitsu trained by world class instructors, our goal in 2-44 is the relentless pursuit of readiness and lethality.” 

We are extremely proud and humbled by this recognition and motivated to continue our mission.