A Tribute to The Navy Seals

Nearly 80 VBs attended the event on Saturday at Valente Brothers Headquarters in North Miami Beach.

The occasion was a fundraising “Street Self-Defense Seminar” in support for the Navy SEAL Foundation, an organization that provides financial assistance to the families of the most skilled military operatives in the world, who are killed or injured in the line of duty.

Valente Brothers selected to teach Navy Special Ops

Valente Brothers once again recieved the prestigious invitation to teach a Navy special operations force in Virginia Beach.

The four days hand to hand survival course was held at the Naval Air Station Oceana Dam Neck Annex.

Professors Pedro and Joaquim Valente, along with VB’s first black belts, Jimmy Robertson and Carlos Villares and black belt, Timo Tervola traveled from Miami to instruct the navy men, members of a special ops force.

Valente Brothers is honored to, once again, be selected and invited to teach some of the finest men that help protect our freedoms.

Gracie and Valente brothers teaching together in San Diego

Gracie and Valente brothers Rickson, Pedro, Rolker, Gui, Royler, Joaquim and Royce taught lessons to over 60 black belts from all over the world during the 2015 Gracie Humaitá Meeting in San Diego, California.

Master Royler Gracie invited the Valente brothers to assisit during the Self-Defense workshop and teach a seminar on how VB became one of the most succesful Martial Arts schools in the United States while maintaining its philosophical and technical roots.

Royler Gracie Teaches at Valente Brothers

The 5th son of Helio Gracie returned to Miami this past week. Royler taught privates and a great 3 hours seminar on Saturday to around 50 students at VB Headquarters in North Miami Beach. Gracie showcased his technique and expressed his renewed focus to teach Jiu-Jitsu as a Self-Defense art.

Royler, along with his father, Grandmaster Helio Gracie, was Pedro, Gui, and Joaquim’s main professor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Gui Valente teaches seminar for 100+ students in North Carolina Monday, Mar 09, 2015 – 04:32

On March 7th, Gui Valente taught a super seminar at Forged Fitness. The 3 hours lesson was part of the inauguration ceremony of Forged Fitness’ brand new facility in Raleigh, North Carolina.

In attendance for Valente’s seminar were black belts, Billy Dowey (Head Instructor of Forged Fitness), Ryan Schmidt, Jacob Whitfield, Mazi Heydary and Seth Shamp.

Forged Fitness is a member of the Royce Gracie Network.

First Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

On January 10th VB hosted our first Women’s Self-Defense Seminar. The class was open to all our friends, students and their families. The objective of this special class was to raise overall awareness, discuss important methods of avoidance and defense and work on the most essential self-defense techniques.The turnout and the class were a huge success.