Valente Brothers Jujutsu was designed to emulate the original Academia Gracie de Jiu-Jitsu that was inaugurated by Grand Masters Hélio and Carlos Gracie in 1952. The Academia Gracie occupied the 17th and 18th floor of a high-rise office building in one of the most prestigious avenues in downtown Rio de Janeiro. Dr. Pedro Valente Sr., who trained at the Academia Gracie, considers that, even after so many years, Grandmaster Hélio’s original school, which existed in the 1950’s and early 1960’s, still epitomizes the most modern and efficient self defense academy ever established. For that reason he encouraged his sons, the Valente brothers, to model their academy after the original epicenter of jujutsu. When Grand Master Hélio visited Valente Brothers for the first time, he was amazed at how the school’s facility, teaching method, and atmosphere reminded him of his original academy. Consequently, he started referring to Valente Brothers Jujutsu as the Academia Gracie de Miami (Gracie Academy of Miami). This was one of the greatest honors and recognitions that we ever received.

Valente Brothers is a free standing building constructed specifically for the teaching of jujutsu. It is 12000sq. ft., full-service training ground, dedicated to preserving and transmitting the technique and philosophy of jujutsu. Our academy features 5 separate training areas, one for large group classes, two for private and semi private training and two for one-on-one classes. Our tatami systems have the most advanced technologies available. The mats are thoroughly washed daily with organic disinfectants. A comfortable reception lounge and separate locker, bathroom and shower facilities for men and women are also available for students.