Royce Gracie and the Valente Brothers

MMA legend, UFC Champion and Hall of Fame member, Royce Gracie made an important announcement this Monday, during the Winter Belt Ceremony at Valente Brothers in North Miami Beach. Royce partnered up with Valente Brothers to begin using the Fighting Foundations™ program in all his RGJJN academies. The process to implement the curriculum will begin in January 2017.

Notes: Fighting Foundations™ is a 27 lesson program organized by the Valente brothers under the direct supervision of Grandmasters Helio Gracie and Pedro Valente Sr. Fighting Foundations™ was reviewed and approved by Helio Gracie. The Royce Gracie Jiu-jitsu Network has academies all over the United States and in many countries around the globe. 

 Royce Gracie announcing the adoption of the Fighting Foundations™ program during the 2016 Winter Belt Ceremony at Valente Brothers in North Miami Beach.
Royce Gracie announcing the adoption of the Fighting Foundations™ program during the 2016 Winter Belt Ceremony at Valente Brothers in North Miami Beach.

Winter Belt Ceremony Breaks All Records

Last night the Valente Brothers family came together to celebrate 2016 and the new Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black Belts. Students from all VB locations joined our friends from the Royce Gracie Network for the largest Belt Ceremony in Miami to date. This year’s ceremony was dedicated to Grandmaster Pedro Valente Sr. The UFC Hall of Fame member and the Godfather of MMA, Royce Gracie, was once again in attendance.  

XV Self-Defense Challenge

On Saturday the 15th edition of the Helio Gracie Self-Defense Challenge took place at VB headquarters in North Miami Beach. After 2 rounds and great performances of technique and reflex 5 finalists qualified to the Gran Finale on October 1st at 8pm during the HelioGracieDay. Congratulations to all and in special to the 5 finalists: Don Simon, Chingiz Askerov, Todd Withers, Christine Fingado, and Felix Granados.


The second edition of the Fudoshin Challenge was an outstanding opportunity for Valente Brothers’ students who regularly attend our sparring class to challenge themselves by dealing with the emotional pressures of fighting in public. In addition to the high level technical skill, participants and spectators demonstrated the Valente Brothers’ culture of respect, discipline and camaraderie.

The Fudoshin Challenge is a team competition designed exclusively to promote the technical and emotional development of all participants. Matches have no points and competitors are not told the exact length of their matches in advance. Victory by submission results in 3 points for the winning team and a draw amounts to 1 point being scored for both teams. The challenge, which was broadcasted live via Periscope, ended in a draw with each team scoring 23 points. Congratulations to everyone who participated and our warmest gratitude to all our students who did not participate but supported the challenge by cheering on the participants and promoting it on social media.


The last week of August was busy as usual at all Valente Brothers locations with the traditional back to school days and as many of our students returned from their vacation destinations.

However, a fast growing program at VB has been catching the attention of the South Florida community, the Women’s Self-Defense program.

Bruce Belfield, taught another open workshop to women of all ages at the Borowrd Sheriffs Office branch of Lauderdale By The Sea and Eduardo Camabas (VB Pembroke Pines) offered a free self-defense session. Both classes had a great attendance and were a success.

Mean while at Valente Brothers Headquarters in North Miami Beach, the Mondays and Wednesday Women’s Self-Defense classes continue at full steam.